When Should Your Vehicle’s Ignition be Serviced?

Keeping your car in optimal condition boosts performance and increases the lifespan of your car. The ignition system must be fully functional for your vehicle to start, so routine Kia service is vital. There are some signs that can let you know it may be time for an ignition inspection.

If your car fails to start or shuts down while you are driving down the road, it may be problems with the ignition. Typically, corrosion on the electrical circuit can cause the ignition to malfunction. Furthermore, if you are not able to turn your key when it is placed in the ignition, it may be caused by excessive wear that prevents the key from properly fitting into the keyhole.

A routine inspection can identity any problems with the ignition. To schedule a service inspection for your ignition, contact Pitre Kia in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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