What are Car Alignments?

Have you gotten your car’s tires checked recently? If you notice any issues with your steering, you could be in need of an alignment. When your car’s tires and axles get out of line, it causes problems for your suspension. All of a sudden your car has to overcompensate for a wheel pulling to a certain direction. You can often feel your car pulling to one direction when you take your hands off the wheel and see your car move in one direction quickly. It will often pull directly to the right or left.

These issues can be easily fixed with a professional alignment. It’s best to get your mechanic to do these adjustments as the alignment must be done according to precise angles given by your vehicle’s manufacturer. These are called camber, canter, thrust, and toe. Your mechanic will likely use a computer to link up to your car’s wheels to adjust your wheels to the precise angles necessary.

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