What do Tire Pressure Monitoring Icons Illuminate?

The tire pressure indicators can accurately determine if the air pressure in a car tire changes. Here are some of the leading causes of the change in tire pressure.

If something is stuck in the tire, it could affect the tire pressure. Whether it is a piece of metal or a small nail, don't try to remove the obstruction yourself. Let the experts remove the obstruction and make the repair so the sensors can be reset.

Depending on how cold it was in the morning, that significant drop in outside air temperature can reduce the air pressure in the tire. Although the indicator was lit, it may turn off when the temperature rises later in the morning.

Do a visual inspection to see if cracks or bulges have compromised the tire. If the tire pressure indicator stay lit, bring the car to Pitre Kia in Albuquerque so we can inspect the tires and find the cause.


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