The Importance of Traveling with Roadside Emergency Kits

Tackle you Albuquerque road trips with confidence once you pack a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle. Are you familiar with these kits? You can buy a pre-made one or assemble one with the help of our Kia service professionals. Here are a few things that should be in every roadside emergency kit.

Cans of fix-a-flat will give you the chance to get enough air in the tire to get the rim off the ground so you can drive to the side of the road or off the interstate. A tool bag with things like a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, and socket set, can allow you to make small repairs easily. Flashlights are a huge advantage when you are stuck in the car at night because they can light the way but also be used to signal other drivers.

Jumper cables can decrease wait times because any motorist can pull over now and help jump-start your car. A small first-aid kit can make all the difference if you are tending to minor injuries while waiting for help.

Once your roadside emergency kit is packed in your vehicle, stop by Pitre Kia for a complete inspection.

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