Don’t Have a Breakdown – Understanding Gaskets

Gaskets are an important part of vehicles, but in Albuquerque, they’re often overlooked when breakdowns happen. It’s a shame, because it’s easy to prevent these problems by understanding this vital component.

Gaskets are a seal made of belted metal (steel or copper) with a rubber-like coating. They’re flexible, and they’re supposed to fill gaps, prevent air from getting in or escaping and to stop fluids from leaking or mixing. Pretty important stuff! There are many gaskets in the average vehicle, though the most important ones are the intake/exhaust manifold gaskets which regulate temperature and keep air in, the oil pan gasket which keeps oil in the pan if the crankshaft’s moving and the cylinder head gaskets which pad and fill the gap between the cylinder heads and the engine block.

Gaskets show failure in the form of compression (gaps appearing), coating failures (discoloration or cracks/peeling), buildup of deposits or corrosion and loss of flexibility. These will inevitably happen in enough time, nothing lasts forever. You can greatly delay these failures though, if you regularly change your oil and replace your coolant and antifreeze.

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