What's the Difference Between Full-Size and Compact Spare Tires?

Many manufacturers include a spare tire in their vehicle designs. This is a convenience feature that allows you to swap out a flat or damaged tire without needing to be towed to a service center. Based on the type of vehicle that you are considering, there are a couple of different types of spare tires. The compact temporary spare and the full-size spare are the two main options. Let's take a closer look at their differences:

Smaller, more compact vehicles will usually come with a compact temporary tire. This is a smaller-than-usual tire which cannot be driven long distances. You are obligated to have your tire fixed or purchase a new one immediately.

A full-size spare tire is sized like a typical tire on your vehicle would be. Once you put it on, you can drive your vehicle indefinitely on that tire. Stop down to Pitre Kia to replace your spare.



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