Simple Back-to-School Season Maintenance Tips

As the new season is upon us, now is the perfect time to get your vehicle ready for the change in weather conditions.

One thing that you should be doing as the school season arrives, make sure your vehicle is up on maintenance checks. The oil should be changed, tires rotated, engine tuned up, and fluids flushed. A front end alignment will help to protect parts while preserving the treads on those tires too.

Today is a good day to pack some things in the trunk you might need if the vehicle breaks down on the road. Pack a set of jumper cables, empty gas can, flashlights, and a bag of tools, everything that could come in handy on a chilly night when you're stranded with a broken down car.

Our friendly staff at Pitre Kia will be happy to schedule your vehicle for an appointment to maintain all the moving parts this season.



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