Replacing a Flat Tire

Vehicle owners with basic knowledge of how to care for their car will not only save money, but enjoy peace of mind and save themselves hours of being stranded by the side of a road waiting for a tow truck. Changing a tire is the perfect skill to master.

Move the vehicle to sturdy ground if it's not parked there already, then set the parking brake and shut off the engine. Before raising the car using your jack, partly loosen the bolts holding the wheel in place while you still have mechanical advantage. Raise the car, then loosen the bolts completely and replace the flat with the spare. Tighten the bolts a bit by hand, lower the car and finish tightening the bolts according to directions in the owner's manual.

Visit us at Pitre Kia if you need a flat tire repaired. We can fix it, replace it or even install a brand new set and you'll be driving again in no time.



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