How to Maintain Your Headlights

We here at Pitre Kia want to make sure that not only are you an informed driver, but also that you and your family is safe when driving out on the road. That is why we felt that it is so important to teach you the basics of your vehicle's headlights.

The main purpose of your headlights are to not only help you to see when driving at night, but also to be seen by other vehicles out on the road. Unfortunately, dimming headlights can be just as dangerous as malfunctioning headlights, so remember to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible when you notice a headlight that seems dimmer than the other.

Experts estimate that your headlights will last roughly 2,000 hours but this can vary from driver to driver. Those who drive at night or very early in the morning more frequently may see that their headlights wear out quicker due to more frequent use.



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