Learn to Properly Jump Start Someone's Vehicle

Albuquerque, NM drivers like you are helpful. Today's blog post from Pitre Kia helps you safely jump-start another driver's vehicle.

Start with your batteries adjacent, turn off your car, and engage both autos' parking brakes. For the safest results, clamp your positive jumper cable, which is probably red, to the dead battery's corresponding terminal. Now, connect your battery's positive terminal to the positive cable, and attach your negative cable to your negative terminal. Do not let the last clamp's metal touch your skin or clothes, and do not attach it to the dead battery. Instead, clamp it to a paint-free, metal piece under the other car's hood.

Turn your car's key, and rev your engine for about a minute. Try starting the drained car. You may need several attempts before it starts. If you cannot jump start it, the other car likely has an unrelated problem, or its battery requires replacement.

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