How Do I Prevent Rodent Damage?

Rodent damage may be one of the last things you worry about when it comes to your car. However, it is fundamental that you remember to keep your vehicle protected against the damage that rodents can do! Your friends at Pitre Kia have a few helpful tips for you.

When it is chilly outside, rats and mice may be likely to crawl up inside your vehicle. Unfortunately, while they are up under the hood, they may chew vital electrical wires. They could also store food in your engine, which could result in anything from mechanism interference to starting a fire.

One thing you can do is keep an eye out for rodents near the area of your car. Open the hood and check it if you suspect any rodents have been in your car. Don't allow food to attract them to the area. Take your vehicle to be inspected at the dealership if you suspect you have suffered any rodent damage.



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