Steering Sensitivity: The Basic Difference Between Oversteer and Understeer

At Pitre Kia, we want every customer to drive off the lot with a basic understanding of how their new vehicle operates. When drivers are armed with some mechanical know-how, they're better equipped to diagnose car troubles, ranging from overheating engines to steering snafus. One common question is this: what's the difference between understeer and oversteer?

The terms understeer and oversteer both refer to a car's steering sensitivity. When a car understeers, it underreacts to the driver's steering guidance. When a car oversteers, on the other hand, it turns at a sharper angle than directed. Understeer is characterized by poor grip and inadequate response. This phenomenon can be caused by front-wheel-drive transmissions and poorly timed acceleration. Oversteer is characterized by an excess of grip and corner spins. It's often caused by rear-wheel-drive transmissions and fishtailing.

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