All About Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors

When you're driving at night, it can be difficult to see when the vehicle behind you is beaming its headlights into your rearview mirror. For that reason, designers have started to incorporate auto-dimming rearview mirrors into some vehicles, including many of the new models that we have here at Pitre Kia.

Other drivers' bright headlights can harm your vision, at least temporarily. Even after a car has pulled away from behind you, the image of their lights can linger or even give you a blind spot for a few seconds.

Auto-dimming mirrors incorporate the use of sensors that can detect glare from other vehicles' headlights. When that glare is strong enough, the sensors will send a charge through a gel that's housed in the mirror, in between the two layers of glass. The electric charge starts a chain of reactions that causes the gel to darken. The result is that the driver sees a darker image in the mirror.



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