Two Spring Car-Care Tips from Your Preferred Dealership

In the spring, many people are doing extra work around the house to keep it in tip-top shape, but you should be giving your vehicle some extra attention, too. At Pitre Kia, we want you to have all of the knowledge that you can about car maintenance so that when summer comes, your vehicle is ready. Here are our top two car-care tips for the spring.

Flush your the coolant in your radiator and refill it. There are several ways that you can ruin your engine, and having low or ineffective coolant in your radiator is one of them. You should flush your coolant periodically, and spring is a great time to do it because it's right before the hot weather hits.

You should also check the air in your tires. Heat can make air contract, resulting in underinflated tires. This can cause extra drag, which will cause your car to work harder and burn through more gas, so one trip to the air pump can save you a lot of money.



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