How to Control Odors in Your Vehicle

Have you ever gotten into your car and thought: my car smells? You’re not alone. Sometimes you live something in your car that creates this odor, and in other cases, there are fumes and other odors that can get trapped into your car. There are a lot of ways you can get rid of these smells. For one, you need to vacuum the seats and floors in your vehicle often.

If you smoke or eat in your vehicle, you are likely smelling the after effects. These smells can get into the upholstery and air vents until your vehicle always has a smoke smell. Baking soda is a good thing to put in your car to remove odors. Charcoal can also help you get rid of odors.

Air fresheners can help with light smells, but serious odors that don’t go away may be the result of a gas leak. You can visit a professional at [dealer] located in [city] to learn more about cleaning your vehicle or to have your vehicle professionally detailed.



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