The Muffler: When to Get Yours Serviced

Your exhaust system is one of the most complicated parts of your vehicle. This intricate system of pipes and parts helps regulate your vehicle's emissions so that your car isn't constantly releasing a stream of deadly toxins into the air. This is easier said than done, however, as there are many different things to remember maintaining in your exhaust system.

The part with the most problems in one's exhaust system is the muffler. This part is responsible for quieting or muffling your car's noise emissions. This helps residents you drive past fall asleep and helps drivers you pass in traffic stay focused on the road. The muffler has a tell-tale sign that it is no longer working.

If your car begins making a loud noise when accelerating, you likely need to have your vehicle serviced. Visit Pitre Kia and have professionals there take a look in case this ever happens to you.

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