Take Pride in Your Car by Keeping it Clean

Is your newly bought car progressively getting dirtier and dirtier? At Pitre Kia, we want you to take pride in your purchase by keeping it clean. So here are a few cleaning tips to help you clean your car - and fast.

Clean On The Inside

Keeping your car clean on the inside is important in keeping your passengers comfortable. So remove those floor mats and give them a good shake. Throw away all trash and undesirables, and wipe down the interior with a damp rag.

Clean On The Outside

If you are nowhere near a car wash, don't worry. You can use a bucket full of water or a hose to get rid of the dirt. After the vehicle is completely soaked, make sure to wipe it down with a dry towel.

For a test drive in a vehicle that is cleaned to perfection, visit us at Pitre Kia, where we have the car you want!



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