If you're looking for quality, competitively priced maintenance that fits your schedule, you've come to the right place.

As your one-stop source for routine vehicle maintenance and repairs, we don't take our responsibility lightly. That's why Kia Express Service™ is more than just fast - it's your complete service experience.

Genuine Kia Filter and Oil Change

Engine oil is the single most vital fluid for your Kia's well-being because it reduces friction between moving parts and helps remove heat from the engine. The correct oil for your vehicle is marked on your vehicle's oil cap or noted in your Owner's Manual. If your vehicle requires an oil change, it will be drained and refilled, and your oil filter will be replaced with a Genuine Kia oil filter. Your maintenance indicator light will also be reset at this time. Your maintenance schedule includes the proper engine oil and recommended replacement intervals.

Complimentary Kia Multi-Point Inspection

Our comprehensive Kia Multi-Point Inspection will evaluate and help ensure the overall health of your vehicle, and includes the following inspections:

  • Brake pad thickness & condition
  • Tire tread depth & wear pattern
  • Fluid level & condition
  • Cooling system & hoses
  • Drive belt condition
  • Steering & suspension components
  • Exhaust system & under vehicle components
  • Battery performance & terminals
  • Vehicle exterior & windshield condition
  • And much more

Tire Rotation

Tires play an important role in your vehicle's handling, performing and driving comfort, and can also have an impact on your Kia's fuel efficiency. So make sure to keep your tires properly inflated and use tires that match your Kia vehicle's specification. Tire manufacturers recommend that tires be rotated every 5,000 miles. Tire rotation is important for even tread wear and long life. When performed at the recommended times, it helps ensure that the tires wear evenly and prolongs the useful life of the tires.

Battery Test

If you've ever gone to start your car and it just clicks, you may have experienced what it's like to have a dead battery. During our Kia Express Service, our factory trained technicians will test your vehicle's battery to ensure that it is not showing signs of weakness. If your battery is not maintaining the proper voltage, we will let you know and recommend a replacement.

Come in today to Pitre Kia for Fast, Quality and Convenient Maintenance service completed in 60 minutes or less! *

*Car Wash and Vacuum Optional. Speak with a Service Consultant for full details

When you need quick service, the team at Pitre Kia is here to help. Part of our service center is devoted to Kia Express Service. Drivers across the areas of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe, NM, who need routine service for their Kia vehicles can swing by, get the service they need, and get back out on the road again.

Learn more about Kia Express Service below.

How Does Kia Express Service Work?

Our Kia Express Service aims to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We provide maintenance services in about 60 minutes or less.

The types of maintenance that qualify for this speedy service include:

  • Oil change
  • Tire rotation
  • Battery test
  • Multi-point inspection

All the work done on your vehicle is performed by factory-trained Kia technicians. These technicians are specifically trained to learn the ins and outs of Kia vehicles, so they can properly care for them.

If you'd like, your Kia can also be washed and vacuumed, so it looks great after service.

Wondering if your maintenance needs are a fit for Kia Express Service? Reach out to our team! We'll let you know what part of our service bay your Kia will be best cared for in, and get you scheduled.

We Use Genuine Kia Parts

While our factory-trained technicians work on your Kia, they'll use genuine Kia parts. Kia makes these parts for Kia vehicles. They fit well and last a long time.

We get these parts, including genuine Kia filters, from our onsite parts center, which means it's easy and quick for us to install the parts we need. If you have questions about any of the parts we will use for your Kia, ask!

Before bringing your Kia by for service, check out our parts and service specials. You might find one that works for your service needs.

Kia Service and Parts: Buy Now, Pay Later

Do you prefer to pay for Kia parts over time rather than all at once? Use our Buy Now, Pay Later program!

You can set up a payment plan for your Kia parts or service in three steps. You can even begin the process online.

The first step is to enter your details to explore monthly payment options.

Next, you'll select a preferred payment option, and Pitre Kia will be notified of your request.

Then, all you have to do is visit us to make your purchase or get your vehicle serviced!

Schedule Express Kia Service Today

Is your Kia in need of an oil change or battery test? Schedule your Kia's service at our Kia Express Service lane. Our technicians at Pitre Kia will answer any questions you may have about the service and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, drivers, can schedule an appointment online, or by phone today!


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